Our Services

Big Machines dont have to break. Keep your machines running for longer and producing more.

Full Machine Stack

We deploy end to end sensors and software to make your IoT deployment simple and painless.

Preventative Maintainance

Our sensors create a digital twin of your factory and help minimize unscheduled machine downtime

External Integrations

Use our REST-API to integrate manufacturing data into your ERP and CRM systems for added workflow integration.

Maintainance & Support

We provide complete maintainance and support from onboarding sensors to setting up your dashboards

How it Works

Sensors that just work

1) Install

Plug and Play functionality

Select which machines give you the biggest headaches in your manufacturing process, identify their most common failure modes, and attach our non-invasive sensors

2) Connect

In-built wireless connection

Turn the sensor on, take it through the step by step callibration process, and have your data immedeately stream to our secure, centralized cloud servers.

3) Use

Crucial real-time analytics

Start immedeatly tracking metrics on machine utilization/production, soon followed by analytics on machine health and remining useful life.