Turnkey Industrial IoT Connections


Condition Monitoring

Wireless sensors collect and transmit vibrational data coming off of Industrial machinery. We generate macro level insights to help you track machine uptime, production analytics, and energy energy consumption

Phishing Detect

Predictive Maintainance

Machine Learning algorithms mine billions of data points to predict failure in industrial machines. This allows you to increase your bottom line and drive more value from your existing assets.

Smart Scan

Platform Integration

Our software delivers key analytics straight to you via email, phone, and dashboard, while our backend integrates directly into your ERP or CRM systems for end to end automation and optimization

Data Driven

We develop dashboards for you to easily interact with your data driven condition monitoring and predictive maintainance insights on your terms.

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Constantly Connected

Our platform automatically sends you notifications and insights so you know when something is happeneing to your most valued assets

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